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What is Musher Antiglisse?

It is a certified anti-slip snow sock letting you drive safely on icy and snowy roads.

Musher snow socks VS snow chains and other snow socks

Standard snow socks

  • Allow you to drive on snowy/icy roads
  • Easy set up
  • Fit every type of vehicle except the ones with tires not fitting snow chains
  • Do not let you drive on dry roads
  • Tear after a few uses

Musher snow socks

  • Allow you to drive on snowy/icy roads
  • Easy set up in 5 mins
  • Fit every type of vehicle
  • Conform to traffic regulation
  • Allow you to drive on dry roads
  • Reusable and guaranteed 2 years
  • Patented technology
  • Driving comfort without vibrations
  • Made in France
  • Installation kit supplied

Snow chains

  • Allow you to drive on snowy/icy roads
  • Do not fit some set up
  • Very difficult to mount
  • Do not allow you do drive on dry road

Why would you choose Musher snow socks?

  • Lets you drive 30km on dry pavement

  • NF XPR 12-781 Norm

  • Seamless 3D manufacturing

  • Lets you drive for up to 50km/h

  • Made in France Quality

  • Fits all types of vehicles

  • Patented by the INPI

  • Conform to regulation

  • Recommended by Bernard Darniche

Discover the Musher Antiglisse snow socks

Made in France, seamlessly in 3D around a

shape memory armor, high tenacity polyamide linked by a stainless steel wire to fit the shape of the tire.

The 1st snow sock certified

Avada Admin

Stop the torment of snow chains!

With Musher, the winter road apprehension is over: easy and comfortable mounting, exceptional efficiency compliant with the NF XPR 12-781 norm and the ability to drive in all circumstances. Musher textile snow chains are assembled and dismantled ultra-easily in a few moves and, contrary to other snow socks, they do not tear on dry pavement!

Find out in video how to set-up and remove your Musher.