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Mounting guide of your Musher snow socks

Forget the chore of snow chains! Your Musher snow socks are assembled and dismantled very easily in 5 minutes.

Ultra-easy mounting and removing • 5 mins

Step 1

Cover the upper part of the tire

Step 2

Do a half-turn of the wheel and cover the other half of the tire

Step 3

Drive a hundred meters and check that your Musher are still in place

A complete mounting kit in each pack


One pair of Musher Antiglisse textile snow chains, B26 certified, that will let you drive safely and lawfully on snowy and icy roads, as well as on dry roads for up to 30 kms.

A pair of certified high-quality gloves that will allow you to mount your Musher on your tires without getting hurt.

Five pairs of disposable wrist cuffs to put over your coat to protect your clothes during the installation of your Musher snow socks.

A mounting mat with the instruction thanks to which you will be able to put your belongings and not damage your clothes when mounting your Musher snow socks while having the mounting instructions nearby.

A storage bag in which you will be able to stock your textile snow chains between two uses.

A manual with the mounting instruction and our safety advice to use your Musher in the best way possible and to safely drive.

Discover in video how to properly use your Musher

Find all our advice to mount and use your Musher in the best way possible. In the video:

    • Security advice on snowy roads
    • Mounting the snow socks
    • Driving demonstration on dry and snowy roads
    • Snow socks demonstration
    • After use storage of your Musher snow socks