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What is the difference with snow chains?2018-07-31T16:42:41+02:00

Musher is an alternative to snow chains: easier and faster to mount, Musher let you drive up to 30kms on dry roads and are reusable 2 years.

Musher is a system certified compliant by traffic regulation that allows you to drive safely and lawfully on snowy and icy roads.

Where can I find Musher in stores?2016-12-07T15:29:34+02:00

Musher snow socks will soon be distributed in many auto centers and other specialized selling points around you. You can also order them online.

How many pairs of Musher do I need?2016-12-07T15:29:57+02:00

A pair of Musher snow socks is enough, and it has to be mounted on your driving wheels. Of course, you can also mount Musher on your four wheels, for an increased grip.

Are Musher snow socks certified?2018-07-31T16:43:25+02:00

Musher are conform to trafic regulation and are compliant to the XR R12-781 norm. They are also patented by the INPI (patent n° 1251676).

Are Musher reusable?2016-12-07T15:32:10+02:00

Yes, Musher snow socks are reusable and guaranteed 2 years.

Do Musher snow socks have a warranty?2016-12-07T15:32:16+02:00

Yes, your snow socks are guaranteed 2 years.

How can I mount and remove my Musher?2016-12-07T15:32:21+02:00

First of all, you have to mount your Musher on the driving wheels of your car. The mounting and removing of Musher has to be made on a stopped car, parked in a chaining area or a flat area, with the handbrake on.


  • Put the elastic band behind the wheel, starting from the high point and reaching down as far as possible
  • Envelop the tire by keeping your hands inside the snow sock, then adjust by stretching the snow sock behind the tire
  • Move the car by doing a half turn of the wheel
  • Adjust the Musher inside and outside the tire tread is positioned on the tire
  • Drive a hundred meters and check that the Musher are still in place


  • Take the inside of your Musher by both hands and pull towards you
  • Move the car by doing a half turn of the wheel
  • Take off entirely the snow sock


Rinse and dry your Musher snow socks before stocking them in the storage bag included in your Musher package.

How do I take care of my Mushers?2016-12-07T15:33:39+02:00

After using your Musher, rince and dry them before storing them in the storage bag included in your Musher package.

Store this Musher bag in the trunk of your car and be ready to face the next difficult conditions!

Where are Mushers manufactured?2018-07-31T16:44:23+02:00

Musher snow socks are entirely manufactured in France.

How can I find the right Musher size for my tires?2016-12-07T15:33:54+02:00

To find the right size of Musher snow socks, do not hesitate to check our size guide!

Is there a customer service for online orders?2016-12-07T15:34:02+02:00

Of course! You can call our customer service at this number: +33 (0)1 479 278 00 Monday to Friday 8am-7pm, send an email at contact@musher-antiglisse.com, on send us a message through our contact page.

How can I order on Musher’s website?2016-12-07T15:34:04+02:00

To order on our website, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Add the items to your cart

Add the item you want in your cart by clicking the « add to cart » button, available on all product pages. You will be redirected on your cart. If you want to add another item to your cart, click on the E-shop link at the top of the page. If you wish to finish ordering, go to step 2.

Step 2: Confirm your cart

After clicking on « Place my order », you are redirected to your cart summary. Choose the shipping method that you want. If you have a benefit code, copy it in its associated field. Check that the size of your item(s) are correct. Confirm your order by clicking on « Proceed to order ».

Step 3: Write your delivery and billing information

If you are a new customer on Musher, please create an account by filling the fields of our form. The email address and the password chosen will allow you to log in to your account to follow your order status or to order again on Musher.

Step 4: Confirm the payment

Choose your payment method and click on the « I have read and approve the general sales conditions » checkbox. You are redirected on a secure payment page of PayPal or Ingenico. Write your credit card details on the according fields.

The website www.musher-antiglisse.com is 100% secure. Your bank data cannot be detected, caught or used by third persons. They are not stored either in our systems.

Step 5: Confirmation order and shipping e-mail

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you have registered to create your account. Keep this email, it contains all your order details. You will receive a second email confirming the shipping of your order. The tracking number in this email will allow you to check the status of your order delivery.

How can I return or exchange my Musher?2016-12-07T15:37:18+02:00


You have to inform Musher by writing within 14 days after receiving your order of your intention of returning the items. The items have to be in their original state and you have to indicate the reason of the return.

The item(s) have to be return in their cardboard packaging unopened (closing adhesive tape intact when received) in their original state (new content, not opened, not unsealed, not used, not tried or fitted).

Return fees are at your own expense. Original shipping fees will be refunded in the limit of the amount corresponding the cheapest shipping mode, only in the as part of the customer’s right of withdrawal.

Returns are only accepted in France.


In case of an ordering mistake, you have to send back the item in accordance with the return conditions, along with payment for the new shipping fees. The item wanted in exchange is subject to availability. Return processing fees can be applied according to the model wanted.

More information about our general sales conditions here.

Does Musher fit all types of vehicles?2016-12-07T15:34:09+02:00

Yes, thanks to their innovative « smart envelope » technology, Musher snow socks can be mounted on all types of cars, even the ones with tires not fitting snow chains!

What is the security advice to respect?2016-12-07T15:37:20+02:00

The security advice to respect is the one of a regular drive on snowy and icy roads: drive as usual, observing the 50km/h limit, and do not forget to adapt your speed to the driving conditions.

How long does it take to receive my Musher once ordered?2016-12-07T15:37:24+02:00

Your order will be delivered to you in 3 to 5 working days with Chronopost International.

Is the website secure?2016-12-07T15:37:31+02:00

Yes, you can order securely on www.musher-antiglisse.com/en/

Are Musher conform to traffic regulations ?2018-07-31T16:45:41+02:00

Yes, Musher are conform to traffic regulations and are compliant to the XR R12-781 norm, which means that you can use your Musher legally on icy and snowy roads.

What is included in a Musher pack?2016-12-07T15:37:40+02:00

A Musher kit contains:

  • A pair of Musher snow socks to mount on your driving wheels (how to choose the right size)
  • A mounting mat
  • A pair of high-resistance protecting gloves
  • Five pairs of disposable wrist cuffs
  • A storage bag
What is a snow sock?2016-12-07T15:37:50+02:00

Snow socks are alternatives to snow chains. These anti-slip devices allow you to drive on icy or snowy roads safely.

Musher is a « smart envelope » that perfectly and effortlessly adapts to your tires to drive on snowy and icy roads. This snow sock is mounted and removes in a few minutes. Its patented technology is B26 certified and allows you to drive for up to 30 kms on dry roads and up to 50 kms/h. Contrary to regular snow socks that tear easily, Musher are reusable and guaranteed 2 years. They are also made in France.

How long can I keep my Musher snow socks on my wheels?2016-12-07T15:38:29+02:00

You can keep Musher on your tires as long as you need when on icy or snowy roads.

Can I drive on dry roads with my Musher?2016-12-07T15:38:36+02:00

Yes! And that is what makes Musher snow socks so practical and different from other existing systems. With Musher, you can drive up to 30 kms on dry roads and cross tunnels and roads between two passes.

Can I use Musher on my aluminium sport rim?2016-12-07T15:38:41+02:00

Yes, of course! Musher snow socks are composed of textile materials not causing any damage on your tires.

Can I lend my Musher?2016-12-07T15:38:46+02:00

No. One of the manufacturing secrets of Musher, the one that gives it so much performance, is the « shape memory » phenomena that makes your Musher snow socks a true tailor-made envelope for your tires once fitted.

Are Musher compatible with EPS and ABS systems?2016-12-07T15:38:54+02:00

Yes. Musher can be used on all types of vehicles, including the ones equipped with the latest electronic equipment such as EPS and ABS systems. Musher increases the general performance of the car in terms of grip.

Can I drive faster with Musher?2016-12-07T15:39:02+02:00

No. Musher is not destined to competition or practice of motor sports. It is crossing and safety tool allowing you to drive up to 50 km/h on snowy and icy roads, ensuring that you adapt your driving to the road conditions.